The system

The Increment System is the world’s first “sports psychology system”, a system that allows sportspeople to design their perfect mental state and then achieve it through a simple, repeatable process.

The system uses a powerful combination of tools and processes drawn from traditional sports psychology, NLP, business project management, and pure common sense. It also includes new sports psychology theory known as “incrementing” which allows you to change your mental state in competition using an easy-to-achieve staged process.

The system relies on, teaches and encourages: self-reflection, self-awareness, planning, preparation, experimentation, structured thinking, and the use of positive language and behavioural changes.

It was tested and refined using the input of 25 world class athletes and keen amateurs from a wide range of sports. It has received exceptional feedback from people using the system, and has produced clear improvements in their mental performances.

The training manual

“A fascinating and comprehensive book”¬†New Holland Publishers
“Impressive ideas and presentation”¬†Hamlyn Books

All the tools and processes of the Increment System are encapsulated in a training manual – a comprehensive 128-page book.

Contents include:

1. About the author
2. Preface
3. Introduction

Describing your ideal mental state
4. Defining the mental attributes that are important to you
5. Condensing your attributes into a single list
6. Defining how your attributes should vary with time

Assessing and improving your mental state
7. Assessing and improving your mental state
8. Incrementing

Competing and reviewing your mental performance
9. Competing
10. Reviewing your mental performance
11. Summary of the Increment System process

More on incrementing
12. Why incrementing works
13. Discovering the important attributes

More on attributes
12. Effective attributes
13. Incrementing styles
14. Incrementing frequency
15. Discovering the important attributes

All about the key attributes
16. About this chapter
17. Relaxation
18. Trust
19. Aggression
20. Focus
21. Determination
22. Confidence

The keys to becoming a good mental performer
23. What it takes to become a good mental performer
24. How long it takes to become a good mental performer

Self awareness
25. Communicating with your subconscious
26. Being honest with yourself
27. Forgetting how it feels
28. The zone
29. Rediscovering yourself

Sample worksheets
29. Sample worksheets

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