There are a number ways in which you can access The Increment System:

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The training manual is a comprehensive 128-page book, including numerous worksheets, tables and diagrams. It contains 29,500 words which is equivalent to a 200-page paperback, and has been reviewed and subedited by two separate subeditors.

The foreword is written by Gary Smith, England Technical Golf Coach.

It can be quite stressful buying a book from the Internet because you can’t be sure what it’s like until you have it in your hands. I want you to be really happy that you are buying a quality product, and for this reason I have provided several ways for you to view my work before you make the decision to buy:

The book is available in hardcopy from numerous online retailers, including Amazon in the US (including reviews) and Amazon in the UK, published by Lightningsource.



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The book is available from all Amazon sites in the Kindle format.